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    Currently on show at Neck of the Woods gallery during GRAW’23

    Dear visitor, thank you for your interest in my recent work which is currently on show at Neck of the Woods in Art-Hive Katshoek. Unfortunately, I could not be present myself during Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend because I'm carrying out fieldwork in Berlin. If you would like to know more about the work scroll down the page or send me an e-mail to plan a studio visit. Find my contact details on the about page where you can also subscribe to my newsletter or connect to the socials.

    When I first spotted the pink glow emanating from the Westland agricultural estate, I thought of a supernatural force. I was not far from it; it was the horizon of technological growth where the synthetic sunlight kept the plants growing through the night differently than the orange sodium predecessors did. These highly innovative LEDs are used in greenhouses to maximise food production and profit maximisation. Red is the most efficient colour for stimulating growth. In addition, the plant needs a small amount of blue light to control the shape in which the crop grows. The mixing of these two colours produces pink. Alone in a room, the power of the pink glow stimulates our eye to produce more green as counterbalance (colour constancy) and transforms the surroundings green for a moment.

    Afterglow, 2023

    Afterglow, 2023 - Archival backlit film mounted in lightbox frame with dimmable LED, 120x90cm
    A wild plant outside the cultivated and regulated greenhouse space gets illuminated by the escaping light through an uncovered part of the greenhouse’s window. The pink glow entails the technological innovation of light used for manufactured photosynthesis drawn from recent studies on plant growth. The image is presented in a lightbox from which the light is identical to the light of the making.
    Original Image before
    Modified Image after