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    installation view, 2021

  • Rotterdam
    Elevator View - Hahnemühle fiber gloss on Dibond 2mm, 120x80cm
  • Site seeing explores the impact of the building of a building and tells a story about the last piece of unbuilt ground in Rotterdam since the German bombing in 1940. This ground is located in the Stadsdriehoek (City triangle) next to the authentic building in which the Willem de Kooning academy is settled. By now this green piece of land has made space for a 72-meter high residential tower, an ‘oasis’ of modern facilities, in the middle of the once wiped out heart of Rotterdam. This process-based project questions how we look at a building when we know the history of the building-ground and also marks the ‘completion of the reconstruction’ in Rotterdam.

    • View from without the Willem de Kooning Academy. The only building that survived the devastating fires thanks to its concrete structure which reinforced its purpose as a former bank — a place of capital.
    • Historic view on the devastation of Rotterdam in 1940. The building witnessed the reconstruction.
    • Captured sunrays within the interor space of the WdKA building before the construction of the residental tower. The sunrays no longer shine since the tower is blocking the incoming light.

    archival material

    24 floors, construction workers elevator

    • Same window, different view.
    • Building Camera Obscura. Images captured through the eyes of the everlasting building. By exposing light-sensitive materials to the projected image the WdKA building absorbed and fixed the outside world like an analogous camera construction.
    Maguette OurDomain building, 2019
    Original Image before
    Modified Image after