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    27.07-27.08 at Frank Taal gallery

    The summer exhibition Dämmerung is exclusively opened during twilight; the moment of day in which the amount of sunlight declines, and the day transforms into night. During this exhibition, all fases of dusk will be addressed; from the so called 'civil' dusk - in which the human eye is still capable of detecting all small details -, until the 'astronomic' dusk, -in which the darkness finally takes away our sight.

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    Featured artworks


    First image: The urban nightscape New Moon captures the blueish skyglow of Rotterdam on photographic film. To avoid any external light (pollution), the photograph is recorded at a new lunar cycle in combination with the right weather conditions. A ‘New Moon’ occurs when the moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun, with its shadowed side pointing towards us. Except for a handful of stars, the only visible light is coming from human generated sources—revealing the city’s aura in full sharpness.

    Second image: The Lighttable Paris and London. See project Exposure Value ZER0̸

    Original Image before
    Modified Image after